JKA ​(J. Keiser & Associates LLC)

Mission -  Enhance quality and build performance capacity in public works design and construction.

Values  -  Creativity ● Leadership ● Inclusion

Who we are:
Janette Keiser is a civil engineer and attorney, skilled with large, sophisticated public works infrastructure projects. Ms. Keiser has worked for governmental agencies as a public works executive, project manager and construction counsel.   Ms. Keiser has owned and operated a successful consulting firm for over 25 years.

J. Keiser & Associates LLC ("JKA") is a state-certified woman and minority owned business, as well as federally recognized as a disadvantaged small business.  The business is also listed as a certified small disadvantaged company with the City of Seattle, Port of Seattle, and King County. 

JKA is also a licensed Electrical Contractor, working under the trade name "JKA Electric".  We have a staff of well qualified, experienced electrical engineers and master electricians.  Our focus is public works QA/QC on complex projects, and are skilled in a wide variety of electrical work. (Link to JKA Electric website)

What we do: (click here to see a list of services provided)
JKA's concentrates its expertise on these four related areas:

  • Electrical Contracting, focusing on QA/QC and quality management

  • Quality Management – providing management and technical services to ensure quality control, quality assurance and quality verification of public works projects

  • Diversity management – providing training, management services and coaching to increase the diversity of small businesses working on public works projects

  • Capacity building – providing leadership, management, administrative and technical training and mentoring to help diverse businesses build the capacity to successfully perform on public works projects

 How we provide our services:
​Electrical Contracting

  • Provide highly qualified electrical engineers and master electricians to inspect complex electrical systems for public and private projects

  • Follow our steps below for Quality Management procedures on all projects

Quality Management

  • Provide specialized technical resources, primarily related to electrical engineering, for quality control, quality assurance and quality verification of public works projects

  • Address policy and regulatory issues related to quality management

  • Develop a curriculum of information and training, which can be used to help individuals understand and deploy quality integration; that is, how QC, QA and QV are managed as part of an integrated program

Diversity Management:

  • Research and identify best practices to help organizations successfully develop and sustain supportive business cultures that enhance diverse business inclusion. 

  • Develop and deploy educational materials to help organizations develop and enhance diverse business inclusion programs.

  • Be an effective advocate of diverse business inclusion.

Capacity building:

  • Serve as a coach/mentor to diverse businesses

  • Look for opportunities to team with diverse businesses and in so doing, help build their capacity through coaching, training and modeling knowledge, skills and abilities.

  • Develop a curriculum of information and training related to leadership and the mindset needed for successful entrepreneurship.